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Halifax Graveyardwhat would you do?Chasing the dreami am the resurrectionIts a long roadwaitingSwing to the left, cha cha chaArkells @ Bluesfest(not) My Old ManDont BlinkNo place like homeCity and Colour @ Bluesfestit hurts to let gokatiehe was in to it long ago, you've never heard of it...where do dreams go when we sleep?jetlast of the summer rosespawn for lifeLt. Dan?an so i told im...19 long years....Todays SpecialPoster Childlast of the summer winePeggy's Cove #2Boots and BenchPeggy's Cove #1SwissAir 111 #2SwissAir 111 #1Halifax RoseBorismay 2-4Sunday rideoh Barbie!MINE!!!!!!!!!new rideShe's a beautyle metroBottle of Red?in the eye of the beholderhappy new year miss rapunzelnew tattooOh, pictures pleasethe road goes on forevermy mom just wants to dieSNAX!!!theres got to be a morning afterfallen down, not bluecrazy eyeSkater GirlChina GirlSmoking Girls IIMr Jones she soon is now?oh lord, wont you buy me...rough tradeall the stars around them shineSmoking Girls Inotes from a distant friend IIFlash Dancing...and finally, my sunset tonitefor Judenotes from a distant friendbig umbrellaSumer I'm my mind1 of 32 of 33 of 3its been donesmell my flower, please?Dancing with myself?Quebec City Streetshadowlandsbreakfastdead 1985?ruby Ru first self portraitclimbs higher than boyssunset last nightswingerbarbies tough nightlaugh like your life depends on it.Happy birthday Jude!ride like the wind Ruboots / heartsat the endhe makes love hard like an enemyburnin' like a cigarette long seasonhe was 1970caughtat the cabanevery yearEaster eggsthe view from heresplashtime stands stillpuddlllessss!no?gears not warr+mpensivecanal todaycemeteryfortune by nighthappy new yearthe snowsrubythey call me misterdowntown HDRkale treefrost morningkissed a girlsunflowerfrosty the forgotten bearfracture 2frostedbig skyoakfall dreamingrubystill life4fingers 4olivesGod of Thunderkiss in ssm IIIkiss in ssm IIkiss in ssm IHomage IIHomage IKorah courtyard.Thomas was very very sad...playing in the rain.between the boardsthis guy.Super Valueshoes match shirt... check.lost in the stream of thingswaiting for the manmona lisa smileswho you gonna call?Arms AloftWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!its about choicesFrostyFairies wear bootsfrom a few months ago.So this is ChristmasHotel Europawanna go clubbing?busted flat in niagara fallsshamu?  shamwow?  cant do this all day?far away eyesAll killer no of the partyplease, dont ever grow up...discontinuityfracturedteaperspectiveparliament & Judebe my yoko onotouristascarniesselfthe way homeImaginaryTrilliumTrilliumsHappy 9th Jude!hiworkinAAYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!Go your own wayDreamingroad to nowherewinter  haycrystal headShine baby Shineno one know what its likeRubyon the wallI have no answers for youfirst coasterjugglerfirestarterSmoke BreakRubyLoveface firstRubycarny girlshero wantedwaiting for the zippercarnytripletsnot the haight...AntBurnoutboy of summerChasing Rainbowsjesus of suburbiaI know that she is made of smokeRedemptionRust Never SleepsCaban a SucreReflections IIIRites of Spring Iold school IIold school IElvis of the Accordionwhen it absolutly positivelyI'ts not loiteringmore toeseat sleep poo repeattoes8 lbs 1 oztoo long between postsSledmerry AxeMasFarmChelsea CemetaryI remember everythingFrost IIFrost ICertaintyBarrymoresselfShe's always looking for...round the cornerImaginarycontrastold women on the hillstreetHey JoeDont youorleans waterfall IIOrleans waterfallthe wild yearsLaundromatHotel Jasperwooo hooooo!high noonHappy Thanksgiving Allwhats your story, morning glory?movers and shakersBob, master of the han'd flutesome other guyliquor and whoresbuy the bookBlue Frickin Rodeo!never look backgarbage streetnot kansasgettin the shotsellin it in the marketinkmonarch stained glasssolace, solitudeunderstandingbrother portraitlong viewBill, w/out guitarsmokestreet studyLost:  1 CareerMore Wolvesand out come the wolvesPetrie Island IVPetrie Island IIIPetrie Island IIPetrie Island Ifairie, no boots.when paths collidenot really deadsomerset fireno such thing?and the picturecruiserfreesiestafather and soncouldnt  decidegirl and chihuahuaEsteban?construction modellooking upbustier pursebus girls90 wellingtonRage Hardmy blueSinners are much more funbrokenBluesfest FreebieGrace Too...Mr Smithbig in japanSeagull IIits trueon the waterdays of actionleaving townbobby and walterstaring brightlyslip sliding awayhippity hoppity watchin'hippity hoppityshining starRibFestshe's not listeningSwing BatterBatterBatter Swinglow ri derMe Too!velvianothing to offerseagullFormal PortraitEpochjust another one in a millionYo, Louie, check dat outtiny footman of the coming apocalypseParliament panoGarbage Friesmore graffitiGraffiti Wallcolour-casterbluethe song is overkarma karmahappy weekendFirst Trilliumman and his dogAlready GoneSilhouettelight and shadowsparklysit and talk about the weatherpass me bycigarettes and regretgivin the eyepeaceStill Sleeps on the StreetslongboarderJohnny Downtownwhite elephantmisfit: headlessmaking up for lost time中國民主line of perspectiveconfrontation; mirrormanNorthern Breweries, Sudburythe night the lights went outReduxThunder RoadRites of SpringSlaying DragonsEasy RidinJohnny waitedshe's got ballsgetting on the busRoll another numberSleigh DriverWhats in the bag?Flower GirlSelf Portraitold man, young asstoo cold for thisgoth walker1-8scaredcheaper than the marketfoot forwardhiyastalkerific mirror shotcontemplate your existencechangelookin out for number oneNow there's a look in your eyesY'all have a great weekendsteppin outBreakfast of Championsfrickin coldIce CarvingCanalit's 7 a.m. and she awoke by the radio..."i was reading on my hat"WTF !?!beam me up...I got 31 cents Nickyhelping handback to the streetsSat SkiingSkullKapGuitar Walkagainst the spraymultilayermultilayer3 marlenaspanoramaMan vs Parliamentlines of perspectiveself portraitBorschtRubyXsome things change, some stay the sameFireworksho ho ho you little f*!kersno, no, no...I'll drop a caribou, I'll tell on you,Empty GardenEven in FloridaI'm Back BayBee!Marc's BO XIIIMarc's BO XIIMarc's BO XIMarc's BO XMarc's BO IXMarc's BO VIIIMarc's BO VIIMarc's BO VIMarc's BO VMarc's BO IVMarc's BO IIIMarc's BO IIMarc's BO I (best of) while on vacationlast till Dec 14thSanta & HelpersWellington st., back to the same old.FrostedBus street @ nightPortable MexicoFor you, BlueBeauty School Dropoutmother and childFaux PolarizerCourtYard, 2 processescourtyardBrother, HalloweenReflectionsNACexit, stage right...Porter StewACERO-OOOOOO !acero de grande dickacero de grande dick10 foot poleFOUND:  my halloween costumeReflectedayyyy, whatryou takin my pitcher fer, anyway...last of the autumn leavesflags of our corporate fathers?ChinaTown IIIChinaTown IIloose changeChinaTown Ibig budsThe Road Not Takenobligatory autumn shotMr WizardBlue BootsFilterlesssleeping on sparks$35 !!!Gothic RevivalEntouragekids on the hillNot Making Fun...UnknownHarps on the Hill this all there is?Nice BikeDefenders of freedomThe Whothe whothe whothe whothe whothe whothe whoThe Whoannnanutherthinneil young?CautionCrutchHallmark Moment3amAlley ShotStandin on a cornerEveryday People Vfallen down bluemy favourite citizen boxGreat big worldCrazy Daveypathos IIpathos IBong Store Indianbag and bikeChess as lifesame old same oldMore Buskersphotobloggers uniteFireDancerPandoraBusker Bondagebeatin the heatottawa pbloggers drinkfestSleepjust one thingBurnmy guitar gently weepsone timethis is my lifeFidels youngest?Its ART dammitUrban StyleeHipster in motionwill masturbate for free4xpornstar trainerlong agoWeeeee!back in the good old worldtime takes a cigaretteNever Spend Your GuitarMr Pink666: The Vespa of the BeastI'm glad they caught the guyMeet me @ midnight baby...supreme court protestno swimming todayalmskeys to the kingdombig sky parliamentAdam and Evetable for onewe dont go to hellshow me the magicjust unawareElderly WomanShadows and tall treesone, two, free four.medeaBamTulip picwest block, fogman and doorfishnets and sneakersBus Noticethe bar of good and evilround midnightClosing Timeportrait of the artistBonne fête Judeviolineveryday people IVEveryday People IIIEveryday People IIEveryday people I495 SomerSet$20 Prom Dressessometimes...kidsmetis protestfar away eyesi think its gonna be...guitar without pigeonguitar and pigeonmarket alleythis is harveyon my way inNo SmokingNo SleepLifes but a walking shadowNAC Statues Represent IAngel From MontgomerySingin sacred songscity inkto paraphrase Blakehis dreams were thunderup slumming from the burbshate is back!broken down blue# 103whats the message?fox faceyellow pipestheres an old man sitting next to mespringtime in the capitolparliament receeds into the mist.its my wayand the doorway openedClassic kid shotlibrary and statueFlare over librarythe vast emptiness of the joba bench on the supreme courtanother day on Sparks play in the house of the lordits the end of the worldGenuine Block Rockin Beatsfather and daughtermeet the new boss, same as the old boss.on the benchfrozen fence with barnwalk on bymorning has brokentears:  when theres no one aroundUnder ConstructionBon St. Valentinthis old truckthings have been toughthis butts for youone step over the lineHate and the CowboyBlue sky barnsFriday Canalit was 7:35 amDreams of growing upDown on the CornerWellington St. Fri. Nightcolourize the street peoplehand of hate IIposter girlpeta stripper IIpeta stripper Imoonset over westblockSmilyBack Alleythe lion in winterSuburban Hipsterthe teeth of old man winterCarny: from way backbig jeezuz truckstreet reindeerthe Fox manfrozen berriesthe system is on IIIthe system is on IIthe system is on Iits electric!the hand of hatewing and a prayeryup, its winterswaying in the windconstruction tunnelstreet portraitsPortrait Gallery Doormorning by the riveralleySparks benchWayne RostadrememberScaffoldChateau from CanalHands IIBig sky over the marketwhile my guitar gently weepsAwakethe fogthe scream of the butterfliesremembrance day 2005it was a very good yearthe road goes on foreveryoung lustsomething in the airits back baybee1 week 3 days1 week 4 days1 week 5 dayshaunting seasonCemetary Side Rd.sunset on the ottawaSmokinCoupe DeVilleBlind MelonGuitar Man1975footsteps on your floorBikeon the stooptrain bridgesignShawville ChairBench, two endsStudentnew tattoodoorDoorAlgoma SteelAlgoma Steel: nightwellington stCBC on strikeBank StghostCBC on strikeGround Level:  albert and gore, ssm.scissorsfootstepson sparks street, at the HMVGoin DowntownLucilleDaveMichelenot in kansasDavebuskerfest VIIbuskerfest Vbuskerfest VIbuskerfest IVbuskerfest IIIbuskerfest IIbuskerfest Ilost togethertune outboysummerlandsummerlandspiderwebsme and julioanother lonely daythe wallfather of mineSeptember Seventeenfranks wild yearsBad TimingScaredAnother Midnight IIAnother Midnight IAnd when he lefti got nuthinOh Very Youngwe don't go to hellMy girlCafeAfternoon:Church WindowWomanBike GuyMission on the hillSlices of LifeSpring GothicBus RiderFlare Series: IIIFlare Series: IIFlare Series: IDead Houses Study: IXDead Houses Study: VIIIDead Houses Study: VIIDead Houses Study: VIDead Houses Study: VDead Houses Study: IVDead Houses Study: IIIDead Houses Study: IIDead Houses Study: ITreeBarn IIOld Barn IFM Weekly 190Anne Thompsonfinish crackfreeze frame