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All killer no filler.:
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just sitting here listening to Alice Cooper Killer. Man, there are very few albums that evoke such a heavy duty emotional memory in me, Some Girls by the Stones is another... but from the opening trainwreck strains of Under my wheels - Duneh Duneh Duneh Dunehnehu, Dunah Dunah Dunah Dunahnaha Buddappa Buddappa Buddappa Buddappa da na na na - na na na na Huh "The telephone is ringing... You got me on the run" to the spiral crescendo of death that is the end of Killer i am instantly 13 or 14 again and in Dan's basement bedroom, lights off, crankin' it out like there would never be a tomorrow, the parents weren't home, and we didn't need hearing later in life. Ah, good times, good times...
busted flat in niagara fallsshamu?  shamwow?  cant do this all day?far away eyesAll killer no of the partyplease, dont ever grow up...discontinuity
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