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no such thing?:
Canon EOS 20D
1/640 sec | f 11 | 17 mm | iso400

more innernets poetry And then I go on until I am beneath an archway,
Will sound, then the Lord's face will luminesce
XII. The Mystery of the Missing Ships: The Franklin Search
And still my mind goes groping in the mud to bring
Would their world not remain comfortably
This gap in time, this season not their own,
Homeward into the howling woods, although
That desire has ever built, have approached
Beneath the snowflakes I notice façades
To watch me watch drowned snow lift from the lake.
This perfection, this absence.
And half-starved foxes shake and paw
Père and Mère Chose could be in conversation
A matter of getting all that right . . .
Escapees from the cold work of living,
Dreaming time has reversed—and you,
—The place the road ends, that patch of white paint
IV. The Paths to Cathay
the foul pole relaxes. She's raged all afternoon

when paths collidenot really deadsomerset fireno such thing?and the picturecruiser
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