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ho ho ho you little f*!kers:
Canon EOS 20D
1/2 sec | f 5.6 | 20 mm | iso400

this will prolly be the last post till the new year, i doubt i'll pick up the camera much in the next week or 2, so i'll take this chance and wish you all the best, have fun, stay safe and come on back next year, camera in hand. i've gone over a lot of websites in the past few days, here is a list of my personal best of's and favourites from ottawa photobloggers websites, of this past year. Enjoy! YellowPlastic
2 Twins
Lysa Gubbels
Blog Eat Blog
Distilled Life
First Gate Dreamer
Johnney Trapper
Ping Pong
Standard Issue
The Ottawa Project
Unleashed Live
and last but not least...

RubyXsome things change, some stay the sameFireworksho ho ho you little f*!kersno, no, no...I'll drop a caribou, I'll tell on you,Empty Garden
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