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Nice Bike:
Canon EOS 20D
1/320 sec | f 7.1 | 200 mm | iso400

back when i was 12 i used to have a bike much like this. it was flat black, high handlebars with white grips, big phat whitewall tires and the ultimate of ultimates, a black and white checked banana seat. i rode that biotch to death. i held the distance jumping record (20 + feet) and me and my boys when we rode, no one could touch us. you know, unless you were 13 and kooler. BOO tho i'm really not partial to baby or kid or cutesy shots, most of the time i truely despise them, this one made me smile. meh.
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  • I had a pair of sandals exactly like that. Infact, I think those are actually my old sandals. You see that tattoo on her left arm?
    derrin @ 2006-09-20 08:07
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