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Canon EOS 20D
1/60 sec | f 5.6 | 17 mm | iso400

Remember the days of the old schoolyard
We used to laugh a lot, oh don't you
Remember the days of the old schoolyard
When we had imaginings and we had
All kinds of things and we laughed
Cat Stevens: Remember the days of the old schoolyard Coming home after school
Flying my bike past the gates
Of the factories
My mom doing the laundry
Hanging our shirts
In the dirty breeze And after it rains
Theres a rainbow
And all of the colors are black
Its not that the colors arent there
Its just imagin-ation they lack
Everythings the same
Back in my little town
Nothing but the dead and dying
Back in my little town
In my little town
I never meant nothin
I was just my fathers son
Saving my money
Dreaming of glory
Twitching like a finger
On the trigger of a gun
Leaving nothing but the dead and dying
Back in my little town
Simon and Garfunkel: In My Little Town hey all, been out of town for a while, had a graduation and a reunion in my hometown over the weekend. had a blast, it was a great whirlwind weekend, all too short and too many miles beneath my wheels. the reunion was very kool. saw a lot of people i had almost forgotten about, 20 years out, it was great to reconnect. some people hated highschool, some loathed it, others coasted thru. from what little i remember of it, as i was high most of the time, i loved it. i had some great friends (thanx Krista, Ingrid and Kim for the most excellent evening), got reaquainted with others (Ron, Kathy, lets keep in touch) and generally had a great time. updates will be kinda sporadic this next while, we're moving, and that will be the focus for the time being. todays fav. if anyone knows of more ottawa photoblog sites that i am missing, please post a link in the comments. Thanx!
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