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is this all there is?:
Canon EOS 20D
1/400 sec | f 7.1 | 40 mm | iso400

BOO Todays Boo is an evocative shot courtesy of my buddy Derrin. i love the depth of field, the way she is staring right into the lens. she looks kinda hot too, in a stern, take charge, order you around kinda way... mmmm, but i digress.
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  • I like this shot and the framing of it. Good stuff.
    Ian @ 2006-09-21 11:05
  • You're(marc) right, she's definately hot but looks like the kind of woman you don't wanna mess with too much. especially with that ammo. You should also tell Yellow plastic that his comments aren't working and I didn't find their contact info to let them know. I meant to post this comment there
    Ruhh @ 2006-09-22 08:19
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