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Canon EOS 20D
1/400 sec | f 7.1 | 17 mm | iso400

ok, perhaps there isnt ANYONE out there that feels like letting me take their picture, but i cant believe that. someone? i promise it wont get creepy, or maybe it will, who knows, we'll let it flow all Organic like ;) Anybody??? email me please. BOO. if anyone knows of more ottawa photoblog sites that i am missing, please post a link in the comments. Thanx!
annnanutherthinneil young?CautionCrutchHallmark Moment3amAlley Shot
  • you found a couple new sites. cool! they are good. i forgot to respond about the multiple images. it's just photoshop. if you ever figure out how to post multiple images, let me know please.
    christina @ 2006-09-12 13:24
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