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Standin on a corner:
Canon EOS 20D
1/400 sec | f 4 | 17 mm | iso100

Well, Im a standing on a corner
In winslow, arizona
And such a fine sight to see
Its a girl, my lord, in a flatbed ford
slowin down to take a look at me
Come on, baby, dont say maybe
I gotta know if your sweet love is
Gonna save me
The Eagles: Take it easy. i need new subject matter. perhaps a single person rather than an endless stream of lunchtime characters from ottawa's downtown core. any volunteers? anyone out there that views this blog that really likes to get their picture taken that would perhaps like to work with me on portraiture? did i spell that correctly? there must be someone, i'm not picky, anyone? i'll keep posting this till it seems like i'm being needy, then i'll post a bit more, then stop. email me please. m. BOO. Even tho its not Ottawa, its a great shot. if anyone knows of more ottawa photoblog sites that i am missing, please post a link in the comments. Thanx!
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