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Bon St. Valentin:
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If I could move thru you
Or crash over you, I would
If I could look thru your eyes
To see where you have been, what you have seen, what is in your dreams
I would.
If I could only touch your face
Even once, even with only my eyes
Then my gaze would wash over you, brush over you, softly, tenderly, phantom lips
Over every well imagined contour.
If I could brush up against you once in a faceless crowd
I would brush up against you twice, hungry for more.
And if you could see me, then I would seek no more.

It’s all I want to do
To hold your face in my hands
Your tears salty on my tongue
Your name forever on my breath.
Its all I want to do
To cradle your body
Have it mold to mine
Every subtle curve and perceived emotion
Wrapped in my arms.

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