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from film. i was recently GIVEN a canon rebel G film body (thanx again Jane!) and think it is just wonderful. this was shot on Ilford XP2 B&W film, the kind you can get developed via the C-41 process. i had them scan to CD as well, so i could post to the web. i shot this with my 17-40 f4L and pushed the film to ISO800, as you can see by the grain. overall the shots turned out great, and it was easy to slip back into visualizing black and white and shooting less, knowing i only had 24 exposures. it was also really cool to see the 17-40 on a full frame cam. man, its WIDE! makes me want a 10-22 for the 20D. anyone got one they want to lend me for a month or 2? i'll let you use the 17-40!?! i'm currently shooting a roll of the Kodak BN400CN C-41 processing B&W film, for comparison. you'll see those prolly next week.
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